The skies are thundering, the clouds raining down, and the stormy coastline, cascading waves, fresh sea breeze and hearty atmosphere calls out to the adventurous spirit in you! While traditionally regarded a summer getaway, the coastal Goan region is a vibrant and green paradise in the monsoon.

A trip to the bountiful coast makes a perfect retreat from the daily hustle-bustle and crowd of busy metropolitan life. Immerse yourself in the beautiful environment, rich culture and delicious cuisine for a truly memorable vacation!

Packing can be a real chore, there’s nothing more infuriating than reaching your destination and realizing you’ve left something important behind. So, to help you gear up for your rainy beach holiday, we’ve put together a list of travel kit essentials. As the Boy Scouts say- Be Prepared!

Make sure your travel wardrobe is well endowed with synthetics and quick-dry outfits. Rainy day outings leave your clothes wet and the musty odor of damp clothes is truly displeasing! Lighter, synthetic fabric clothes are hassle free and you will have enough re-wearable options.

Do not forget to carry along a couple of warm sweaters or jackets, it can get chilly in the nighttime. Long Sleeve T-shirts and beanies will keep you toasty warm and comfortable. And while we’re on the topic, WINDCHEATERS and RAINCOATS! The perfect defense against any sudden showers that may catch you unawares. Avoid thick wool or fleece lined jackets, if they do get wet they’ll stay damp for ages.

For your luggage, try and stick to waterproof backpacks, sling bags and waist pouches. These will keep your electronics and belongings safe no matter what the weather!

Sunblock is a beach essential, but in this cloudy weather its more important to keep handy a good face cream with moisturizing properties, to keep your skin healthy. Carry along basic remedies for cough and cold symptoms, in case the damp weather gets your immunity down.

Another good way to prevent any illness is a lot of hot liquids through the day- soups, green tea and good, hearty meals! Keep a thermos in your travel pack so you can sip a warm brew on the go and beat the chills.

The abundant puddles are natural breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects. Keep a tube of Odomos or other mosquito repellents at hand to prevent any bites.

A fan of luxury footwear, expensive sneakers or strappy stilettos ? Leave them at home! Nothing ruins a good pair of shoes more than trudging through muddy puddles all day. Instead, grab your Flip Flops and a sturdy pair of Crocs and get ready to head out and explore the terrain!

The monsoons are truly magical, but sudden downpours can often disrupt your plans for the day! If you do happen to get stuck indoors, prepare for the situation and pack some fun board games, cards and interesting books to occupy your time and beat those rainy day blues!

And now the most important part… make sure you’ve packed a good camera, and a small diary to capture your memories! The picturesque coastline and scenic beauty of South Goa makes for some incredible photographs, and even if you don’t get the time to jot down a daily log, a diary comes in handy to preserve mementos like the gorgeous blossoms of wild flowers, leaves or feathers you stumble upon while exploring the coast.

Happy Travelling!