Awards & Recognition

At Jasminn Hotel, it's all about our Guests. We have a simple rule: "Never say NO to our valued guests.” Every member of the team will go out of their way to keep our guests happy. Recognition of the fact comes with the awards we have earned over the years. Thank You, Dear Guest, as we strive to continue working towards meeting and exceeding your expectations each time. Happy to list our awards by year, as we earn them, which are direct reflections and rating made by YOU only! Your ratings of our services, facilities and our team, give us the honours year on year.

We are proud of our continued winning streak on Tripadvisor, the worlds largest and most respected travel review website. Millions of travellers will first check hotels' ratings on Tripadvisor before making a decision. We have won their (your) recognition, from 2014 till date, every year. The "Certificate of Excellence” and now called “Traveller’s Choice” Awards, are the chosen few hotels who represent the top 10% hotels in the world! A proud achievement by our team. This also gives us the Tripadvisor “Hall of Fame” that recognises hotels that win the Travellers Choice 5 years in a row. We intended to continue this winning streak year on year that will show you how much we value your stay and your opinion.




19-2019 COE Hall of Fame
20-2019 COE
15- 2019


9a- 2018
9-Expedia 2018
13- goibibo 2018
10- 2018
11- Jasminn Expedia 100 -2018
12- MMT 2018-2019
18- 2018 Hall of Fame
14- Green Hotels Award 2018
17- 2018 CoE



6- 2016
5- 2016 CoE Jasminn by Mango Hotels EN


4- 2015
2- 2015 CoE Jasminn by Mango Hotels EN
3- 2015